4 Digit Result today

4 Digit Today

4Digit Lotto Result today

This is the Official PCSO live draw of 4 Digit result. Furthermore PCSO 4D lotto is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And here is the winning number for 9PM today.

Wednesday May 22, 2019
Winning Numbers

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How to play 4 Digit

Fist of all the player marks his 4(four) chosen digits from 0 to 9 on the 4 digit play-slip from the lotto outlet.

There are different plays of 4 Digit lotto:

  • One Roll the first digit ranges from 0 to 9 to be generated by the system to complement the selected last 3 digits creating 10 sets of number.
  • Two Rolls It’s similar to roll 1 the system will generate the last digit ranging from 0 to 9 to complement the selected first 3 digits.
  • Rambolito or Perm online central lottery system generate all possible permutations of the selected numbers or being purchased.

The table of perm or ramble

  • 24 Combinations – 4 different digits.
  • 12 Combinations – 2 different digits and 1 pair of the same digits.
  • 6 Combinations – 2 different pairs of the same digits.
  • 4 Combinations – 3 digits the same and 1 different.

And finally Six(6) Consecutive draws in advanced play is also available.

If you win the 1st prize if you get all four Digit (4) winning numbers in exact order which has a minimum guarantee amount MGA of 10,000.00 PHP. You also win prizes by getting the last two or the last three of the winning numbers in exact order.

Prize payout per standard play of 4 Digit

  • First prize – Getting all four numbers in exact order = 10,000.00 PHP
  • Second prize – Getting last three numbers in exact order = 800.00 PHP
  • Third prize – Getting the last two numbers in exact order = 100.00 PHP

Consequently only 18 years of age and above can avail the game.

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